Scriba PR - account manager - Hannah van Rooyen

Meet our account manager: Hannah van Rooyen

How long have you worked at Scriba?

4 months – it’s absolutely flown by!

What does your role entail?

I’m an account manager, so I’m responsible for planning and carrying out PR activities for a number of Scriba’s diverse technical clients. This covers everything from strategy planning to securing media opportunities, and requires me to know the ins and outs of what each business is trying to achieve. Day to day, you’ll either find me writing press releases, blogs and feature articles, attending briefing meetings or liaising with journalists to help them tell our clients’ stories!

Favourite part about the job

I love getting to know our clients and immersing myself in their work – after attending a few meetings and drafting different pieces of writing, you really start to feel like a part of their team! And the variety means that there’s never a boring day in the office.

Favourite piece of coverage to date

There are a lot, but securing a full-page profile in the Yorkshire Post for luxury door manufacturer Deuren was really exciting! I’m a bit of traditionalist, so nothing really beats good old newspaper or magazine coverage.

Favourite project to date

I’d have to say the PR we did for property specialist Towngate on their refurbishment of the iconic Copperworks site. It was the first project I saw through from start to finish with Scriba – from the initial briefing, through to writing and issuing the release and then monitoring for coverage – it hit really well in the media, so it was great to see the client’s (and our!) hard work being recognised.

Describe Scriba in three words

Dedicated, ambitious, enthusiastic!

What advice would you give someone looking to start a career in PR?

Don’t confine your job search – there are more opportunities outside of big cities and corporations than you may think! Hone your online presence and use LinkedIn and Twitter as your tools to make valuable connections. I’m not advocating messaging every PR practitioner you can find, but having an up-to-date LinkedIn profile detailing my education and experience was how I got my foot in Scriba’s door!

Describe what ‘PR’ means, in your own words, in one sentence

PR is telling the stories that matter to the people that need to hear it, through working hard, building relationships and creating engaging content.