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Instagram’s about to become a lot more business-friendly

Only recently, Instagram implemented an algorithm change that had a frosty reception amongst its users. Photo feeds began to be ordered based on what Instagram predicts will be the ‘moments you will care about the most’, rather than chronologically.

It left some users worried that they wouldn’t receive updates from all of the people they follow, leaving them missing out on content that really does matter to them. But it seems that Instagram’s 400 million users have begun to accept the shift, even if begrudgingly so.

And now, Instagram’s newest update announcement is the next step towards emulating the success that Facebook has achieved with sponsored content, which is likely to appeal to brands and social media managers.

Soon, companies will be able to set up a dedicated business profile, with the opportunity to write longer profile descriptions, provide further contact details and give customers the opportunity to find out more about their products and services.

It will also deliver business access to ‘Insights’, which will show previously inaccessible analytics, in order to measure engagement and impressions. ‘Promote’, a simpler tool for sponsoring posts, will also be available for business profiles.

So what are these tools and how will they work?


The free Insights tool, similar to the add-on that Facebook has provided for the past couple of years, will give social media managers a deeper understanding of followers’ activity, such as the time they’re most logged on, and the type of content they connect with most.

This is likely to improve brands’ engagement with current followers, and help to organically grow their new followers.


The Promote tool will allow businesses to turn a well-performing post into a paid ad, within the click of just a few buttons. You can select a target audience, or allow Instagram to pick one for you.

This will help to increase brands’ reach, and the ability to connect with more potential customers.

So what do we think?

With over 200,000 businesses already using Instagram for promoting their products and services, we believe it’s a great opportunity for brands that are yet to join the platform, previously put off by its lack of business-friendly tools, to connect with a stream of untapped customers.

But these brands need to remember that they should only use Instagram if it’s relevant for their customers, and contributes to their social media, and overall brand, strategy.

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By Amy