How has PR changed over the last 10 years?

How has PR changed over the last 10 years?

It is inevitable that things change over time – some more drastically than others – but with the world constantly evolving, everything around it must also keep up.

It is the same for businesses and PR – as things progress it is important not to fall behind. So what exactly has changed in the last ten years?

Probably the most drastic – and convenient – difference has to be how we share news. A decade or so ago, if you wanted a magazine or a newspaper to cover your story you would have to type up the press release multiple times and physically send it out in the mail. It was likely that you wouldn’t receive a confirmation of whether journalists would run the article – you would simply cross your fingers and hope for the best! Now you can send stories to the media instantly with merely the click of a button, and the article can be live online within minutes – or in print the following day!

The possibilities of where news can be featured is endless. 10 years ago PR companies relied on mostly traditional coverage, with a small selection of journalists to send this to – now there are many people to send our articles to, as well as tonnes of online media outlets and blogs to be featured on.

Getting a media mention a decade ago would have been nice, but there was no real way to track the success of your press release – the amount of people who read it or bought your product as a result of it was unknown. Now we can find these stats out online and report where your story has been used.

The influence a PR professional wielded would largely depend on geography – you would have needed to have a physical presence to build relationships with the right people at a publication. Ten years later and we can now engage with the media via social media, email and over the phone, without actually ever having to meet them.

A news article’s outreach would have also been very local, as it would have required a relationship to be formed in person, where an exchange of address had occurred. But we can now send our news worldwide thanks to technological investments and having an editor’s contact details at our fingertips.

As you can see, a lot has changed in quite a short period of time and with the evolution of technology, PR has also progressed tremendously!

I’m excited to see what the next ten years has in store for us, as I’m sure there will be even more change to come!

By Paige