Hot off the press in November!

Hot off the press in November!

And that’s another month gone by in the blink of an eye! As we head towards the end of the year, we’re reflecting on the column-inch goodness achieved over the last few weeks.

So, sit back, grab a brew, and catch up on the latest Scriba coverage highlights…

Paul Beaumont 2 300x200 Hot off the press in November!

My working day – Paul Beaumont

Paul Beaumont is an Elland-based management consultant who works with business leaders and boards to increase revenues, profits, and stakeholder value. Paul recently spoke with Business Leader about his typical working day.

Paul Sparkes commercial director iplicit 2 002 300x200 Hot off the press in November!

Accounting tech firm iplicit in record growth

Award-winning accounting software firm, iplicit, is on-track to onboard more than ten-times the amount of active daily users taking advantage of its true cloud solution – in under four years.

Launched in January 2019 by the founders of finance solution Exchequer Software Ltd, iplicit integrates with other cloud applications and provides users – from industries including accounting, not-for-profit, recruitment, and education – with real-time reporting capabilities, automated data migration, rapid implementation, and a public API to break down data silos.

Alex Beardsley 300x200 Hot off the press in November!

ESG – the new CSR?

Alex Beardsley, director at finance facilitator ABL, details the preparations that firms should be making, advice around funding any changes, and how a move to being carbon neutral can help businesses achieve their objectives.

Paul Sparkes commercial director iplicit 300x200 Hot off the press in November!

Fintech 2031 – where is accounting software really going?

Delve into the archives and the fintech timeline can be traced – in some instances – as far back as the early 1900s with other reports even saying it began in the ‘60s.

In short, regardless of where the term first originated, fintech has a long future ahead of it because — modern-day companies are always exploring ways in which they can work smarter — not harder with the assistance of technology. Paul Sparkes, Commercial Director of cloud accounting and ERP software firm, iplicit, recently discussed this with IT Pro Portal.

Perrys 300x200 Hot off the press in November!

How Perrys Motor Sales made 559 sales with £5,000 outlay

Searching for a way to deliver hyper-personalised content to segmented audiences, a demonstration of marketing automation platform Force24 underlined the need for a savvy lead scoring mechanism — and a journey builder — to ease the manual creation of engaging content for Perry’s Motor Sales.

12bc54ecfa88b13e1739da5c64661acd1b61a29a 300x169 Hot off the press in November!

Nursery software provider commits to planting 250 trees to offset its carbon footprint

Connect Childcare has signed up to THG’s more: trees scheme, which will see the technology firm plant a tree in Madagascar for every Connect Childcare software demo booked. The aim is to have a ‘Connect Forest’ by July 2022.

The goal of the more: trees scheme is to help businesses and individuals take ‘impactful’ climate action to secure the future of the planet.

To launch the new pledge, Connect Childcare has donated 57 trees, which it says offsets its carbon footprint for at least a year, by removing over 17 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere.

esphr logo co brand transparent background 300x198 Hot off the press in November!

7 employee relations (ER) priorities a HR leader must focus on in their first 90 days

With a keenness to hit the ground running, HR leaders can steer your company’s direction, improve infrastructure, inspire productivity, and more. It is an exciting challenge when joining a new firm and one where employee relations (ER) can play a pivotal role in your overall success.

After all, ER is the champion of performance, morale, and retention, so why not give yourself the best possible chance to establish your credibility and bolster your company’s growth?

Drawing on years of industry experience in the HR, ER, and employment law space, the esphr team and several of their HR customers have contributed to a newly-launched, free guide.

Sharon McDermott managing director of Trenches Law 300x200 Hot off the press in November!

The lack of legal contracts might hinder EV adoption

As the UK continues its drive towards a greener outlook – with electric vehicles (EV) leading the way – there’s still a lot to achieve if we’re to enjoy a net-zero future.

While the Government has rolled out several initiatives to encourage environmentally friendly ways in which to commute, there’s one key area that’s often overlooked, especially when it comes to the rapid expansion of EV chargers. TotallyEV reached out to Sharon McDermott, managing director of telecoms law specialist Trenches Law, to understand the missing piece of the puzzle.

Sarah Dillon director ESP Law 300x200 Hot off the press in November!

Should your employment lawyer care about employee relations (ER) software?

Organisations commonly rely on employment lawyers when they are encountering change, facing periods of uncertainty, or battling fears of non-compliance. In fact, HR teams have typically only ‘plugged in’ their professional expertise when it is needed, not least due to the often cost-prohibitive nature of legal fees.

So why should employment lawyers care about the ER software that their clients use? Sarah Dillon at esphr delves into the role of ER technology – a relatively untapped but lucrative segment of vendors’ offerings which can help to bring the two departments together…

Pete Byrne founder ESPHR 300x200 Hot off the press in November!

Data-driven culture will be the biggest HR and ER trend in 2022

For several HR leaders and their teams – who are continuously battling overwhelming workloads while firefighting numerous operational and employee relations (ER) matters – this has meant working even more unsociable hours, at break-neck speed, to help pull their businesses through the most challenging of climates.

The festive period may have provided a chance for several workforces to take a breath and look forward to attacking 2022 with more opportunity and optimism – which was perhaps a very different feeling compared to last year in light of the ongoing economic and health crisis. Peter Byrne, CEO and founder of ESPHR discusses this further.

OfficeTeam Depo Warehouse 2 300x225 Hot off the press in November!

Sale of parts of Office Depot Europe contract business to OT Group completed

Office Depot has completed the sale of its larger mid-market, major, and public sector contract customers in the UK and Ireland to OT Group Ltd. OT Group is part of Paragon Group and incorporates the OfficeTeam, OT Wholesale, Zen Office, and Spicers Ireland businesses.

The transaction accelerates the strategic transformation of Office Depot Europe to an ecommerce-focused, omni-channel company trading solely as Viking and paves the way for sale of the rest of the business to Raja.

James Skellington head of travel Force24 300x300 Hot off the press in November!

DS Live — The review

After 19 months of disruption, a welcome dose of normality was delivered to the Coventry Building Society Arena in late October, when Dealer Support Live returned, bringing the sector together in a day of workshops, talks, and networking. For many people this was one of the first — if not the first — industry events they had attended for many months, and it provided a valuable chance to reconnect with friends and colleagues.

As ever, throughout the day there were seminars specially designed to help dealers operate more effectively. First up, James Skellington from Force24 talked about how dealers can make best use of email marketing to drive up business by creating more leads.

Jo Berry 2021 294x300 Hot off the press in November!

View from the channel

Founded in 1991, Greater Manchester based Central is an independent provider of outsourced IT support and service desk capabilities. This is in addition to plus infrastructure and cloud services for more than 2,000 small and medium sized businesses, with a particular focus on social housing associations, including Horton Housing, Women in Social Housing, and Bron Afo.

Here, co-owner Jo Berry gives her view from the channel.

CA 300x167 Hot off the press in November!

The five HR hurdles for the hospitality industry to prepare for in 2022

The hospitality sector, while trying to recover from the pandemic, has been hit with a significant shortage of workers. Brexit, combined with the displacement of many people during the COVID crisis, means employers are struggling to fill tens of thousands of vacancies.

Here, Charlotte Ashton, senior solicitor and head of immigration at ESP Law, discusses the five concerns currently facing sector organisations, and the legal guidance and employee relations (ER) advice on how to tackle them.

ne vapour 038 50109093461 o 300x200 Hot off the press in November!

Yorkshire duo partner up to pool expertise

Yorkshire-based cloud tech firms Vapour and CloudCoCo have forged a partnership that will enhance each other’s digital transformation offerings.

CloudCoCo will strengthen Vapour’s cybersecurity offering and in return, Vapour will boost CloudCoCo ‘s infrastructure with the addition of SD-WAN connectivity.

Netsuite 1 300x200 Hot off the press in November!

PTG eyes £100m with internal system overhaul

Pure Technology Group has embarked on a £500k NetSuite CRM and ERP implementation as it looks to hit £100m revenue by 2024.

The sales lifecycle overhaul will be built, deployed, and supported by specialists Nolan Business Solutions.


Fergus Bailie 300x200 Hot off the press in November!


10 In 10: Fergus Bailie, CEO Of Leeds-based Bailie Group

Fergus Bailie, CEO of Leeds-based Bailie Group, a family-owned group of agencies and consultancies with a collective mission to improve people’s lives through the sharing of knowledge, is the latest regional business professional in the hot seat for The Yorkshire Times.

So, that’s November done and dusted! See you again in just a few short weeks!