Five years on – Scriba's still smiling

Five years on – Scriba’s still smiling

This month Scriba celebrates five whopping years in business! Ok, in the grand scheme of things, five years isn’t that long, we know – some of our clients have racked up a century! But five years, or half a decade, or 1,825 days, or whatever you want to call it, is an achievement we’re personally super proud of!

In the same month that Scriba’s daunting journey began back in 2013, I headed to a networking event. A suited-up gentleman who didn’t make any effort to find out about my venture – other than shoe-horning himself into a conversation I was having with someone else – helpfully scoffed: “You can’t succeed in business just by smiling!”

Well, hold the front page and rewrite the rule books! Jeez…

Instead of taking the time to actually network (talk AND listen) at this event, this chap seemed to prefer swanning around the room, interrupting people to impart his wisdom. He thought I was young (ish) and naive. He’d interpreted me smiling as all that I had to offer.

(Anyone who knows me will now be picturing the look I politely shot his way, but seeing as I’m writing this blog before 9pm, I’ll stop before describing exactly what words were swimming around in my head at the same time…)

Now, despite what that wonderful man thought, I didn’t expect to succeed just by smiling – although I wasn’t going to become stern, boring and soulless just to appease someone like him!

I knew it was going to be hard graft. I was prepared to put the effort and hours in. And I’d done a lot of groundwork to give Scriba the best possible chance of working.

So fast forward to 2018 and this is what we’ve achieved behind the smiles, Mr Suit. We have:

  • Got a 7-strong team
  • Offered internships and work placements to 11 young people
  • Donated over £6,000 to charity
  • Won a raft of awards
  • Helped more than 50 businesses tell their story
  • Current retainer relationships with 25 organisations throughout the UK and overseas
  • Called 3 different offices home
  • Featured in the Top 100 PR blogs on the planet list (plus the Top 10 for the UK)
  • Trademarked our name because someone tried to impersonate us
  • Written about 5 centillion words
  • And drunk 100 times more cups of coffee!

Not a bad return for a few smiles, eh?

Now jokes aside, I haven’t collated this list to be boastful. It is actually intended as a huge reason to give a massive shout out to my wonderful colleagues who make Scriba, Scriba. And our amazing clients who entrust us with their comms, share their secrets and empower us to tell their stories –thank you for proving the 2013 start-up was worth the risk.

The gratitude list goes on of course but this isn’t the Oscars! Please just know that if you’ve enjoyed even part of the crazy five-year ride with us, in whatever capacity, we’re glad that you have! Here’s to the next five! Cheers!

By Katie