Utilising social media

Five tips on utilising social media to win your next big client

As well as having a fully-functioning, slick website to get your target market engaged, it’s also a great idea to have a presence on social media as it’s often a key place a potential client will look for you.

The majority of people and businesses have a social profile nowadays, so why not utilise this space to help you win your next big customer? It’s pretty straightforward to use the various channels effectively, and it certainly doesn’t require a lot of effort – just a little bit of thinking outside the box!

Subtly get their attention and you’ll soon be on their radar…

  1. Follow the right people

Admittedly having hundreds – or even thousands – of followers can look impressive to your viewers, but to really get people’s attention you need to be following the right people.

Ensure that you are already doing this for your existing clients, then look to connect with other influential users in the industries which either interest you or are linked to your field of work. This can automatically put you on the radar of others within the sectors you want to stand out in.

  1. Get tagging

Mentioning businesses and publications in your posts will mean you are more likely to get extra engagement on your content, which will in turn result in a larger audience reach. A potential new client that you’re not connected with may stumble across your post, which could lead to new work for you.

It’s also a great way to show your support to other firms and engage with journalists in your sector.

  1. Retweet current news

Sharing relevant news – through your own comments and opinions – is a great way to create an authoritative voice for your brand, as well as show you’re up to date with what’s topical at that moment in time. As a result, this will demonstrate that you are a reputable and active company.

  1. Tell people what’s going on

A great way of creating a personality for your brand, is to delve behind the scenes and let people know about what’s happening in the business. Have a recent client win? An employee Q&A? Some great coverage for a press release? Share what’s going on, and you’re likely to become an approachable, friendly firm, who people want to work with.

  1. Be active

Finally, it’s important to be active on social media if you are to truly utilise the various platforms to attract the attention of possible future clients. You can’t be seen to be posting infrequently or sharing inappropriate and controversial content, as other firms simply won’t take you seriously.

If your new to the digital world, follow these steps when starting out on your social journey, or if you have an established profile review them to see if you’re using them in the right way. Make some simple tweaks and you could be on the road to winning your next big client!