Word o’ Week


Noun: The class of people who read too much.

We’re not sure if it’s even possible to read too much – but we’re putting in some extra hours with our newly launched, monthly book club!



Noun: An abnormal fear of flowers.

We wouldn’t want this phobia in the Scriba office – we all have beautiful flowers on our desks every day!



Noun: The final part of a play, film or narrative in which the plot is drawn together.

The “denouement” of a film can be the best part – especially if there has been a complex back story.


Noun: When you can't think of the word for something.

We have all experienced moments of ‘lethologica’ – when the word is on the tip of your tongue, but you can’t quite say it!


Noun: A cat lover.

One of our Scriba word nerds is definitely an “Ailurophile” as she loves both her cats – even when they knock over her indoor plant pots!