Away from my desk: Luci Ownsworth

Away from my desk: Luci Ownsworth

While COVID-19 technically means some of the Scriba PR team are away from their physical office desks for the foreseeable future, it’s all very much ‘business as usual’ in terms of our output. So, when we do get time to relax, we’re still making the very most of our downtime.

In the latest instalment of our ‘away from my desk’ blog series, executive assistant Luci Ownsworth reflects on how she winds down during the evening and weekends – under normal circumstances.

What’s the first thing you do when you get home on a Friday evening?

Pre-COVID-19, a Friday night would’ve consisted of me taking advantage of Scriba’s flexible working hours and catching a train to Wolverhampton. Normally, I’d spend the weekend with my boyfriend and his family who live in Dudley.

How do you switch off while away from your desk?

I do find it difficult to switch off. I always seem tempted to check my emails once I’ve closed my laptop down – it’s a work in progress, I will admit! A good movie and food usually helps me to properly unwind.

Where is the best place in the UK for a two-day getaway?

I discovered a new love for Bournemouth earlier this year so that would always be my recommendation. The Dorset coast has an array of different little towns to be explored and beaches to walk along – the views from the top of Durdle Door are breath-taking!

Tell us which Yorkshire eatery we need to try in 2020, and why?

If you’re a lover of Italian food, I’d highly recommend Trattoria Domenico in Huddersfield’s town centre. Of course, things are a little different at the moment, but since its takeover it’s now a gin and wine bar too.

Give us a one-line review of the last book you read.

I recently finished the third instalment of JoJo Moyes’s ‘Me Before You’ series called ‘Still Me’.

Be prepared to laugh and cry at the same time throughout the whole trilogy. I loved how the final book followed Lou as she started her life in the Big Apple. And I’d definitely recommend finding a cosy corner to truly fall in love with this story.

This song is on heavy Spotify rotation and here’s why…

Anything by Lewis Capaldi is always a hit – and is guaranteed to be on rotation on my Spotify playlist!

If we were to spend a day boxset binging at your house, what series would you recommend?

I’m always a sucker for re-watching TV programmes that I loved first time around – right now it’s the entire Gossip Girl boxset! My inner 14-year-old self is still surprised by moments that I never noticed before.

We see you stood at the bar on a Saturday evening – what drink are you ordering?

Usually it would be a fruit flavoured gin and lemonade or a bottle of Sol with a lime wedge. It all varies on the place and the occasion.

How does your ideal Sunday pan out?

I’d normally travel home on a Sunday evening so the day would usually consist of watching movies on any device and making sure I have some good food! You can’t beat a home cooked roast either!

It’s Sunday evening, how do you prepare for another week in the office?

My Sunday nights consist of catching two connecting trains back home. This means I get plenty of time to catch up on emails, so I’m prepared in case anything needs to be ticked off first thing on Monday morning.