Away from my desk: Alice Kelly

Away from my desk: Alice Kelly

At Scriba PR we love all-things Yorkshire, socialising, and a good Q&A, so it was only fitting that our latest blog series paid homage to all three! While the country adapts to the new guidelines around social distancing, we’re looking at what colleagues would be doing while away from their desks – under normal circumstances.

Here, we find out how PR executive, Alice Kelly, likes to keep herself entertained when she’s not fiercely scribbling away in her home office/at HQ.

What’s the first thing you’d be doing when you get home on a Friday evening?

Changing out of work wear and into my ‘comfies’. I’m a firm believer in ‘proper clothes’ exclusively being worn outside of the home. When I’m in my natural habitat you’ll usually find me in a baggy t-shirt, loose trousers and a pair of fluffy socks – to immediately activate relaxation mode.

How do you switch off while away from your desk?

Exercise, usually. Living so close to Scriba HQ is perfect as it encourages me to walk the 20-minute journey to and from work – the fresh air helps to clear my head and by the time I reach my front door at the end of the day I’ve generally switched off.

Where is the best place in the UK for a two-day getaway?

I’m partial to a weekend away in London. Although I’m sure the hustle and bustle would quickly lose its appeal if I lived there. I find two or three days in the ‘big city’ — with a healthy dose of food, drink and culture — are enough to invigorate me for my return to the hills of Yorkshire.

Tell us which Yorkshire eatery we need to try in 2020, and why?

For anyone that hasn’t already, try Rumpus! The cosy restaurant — formerly a public toilet block, no less — is full of character and offers excellent service and tasty burgers made from locally-sourced produce. They also serve a delicious ‘Allotment burger’ for any herbivores in the herd!

My next choice is Humpit — I made it my mission to introduce the Scriba crew to the hummus and pitta bar in the centre of Huddersfield and their tasty treats now make a regular appearance at HQ. The roasted cauliflower and tahina is a must!

Give us a one-line review of the last book you read.

‘All my friends are superheroes’ by Andrew Kaufman — a beautifully-written, short story about love, determination, and human nature. I read it one evening in about two-hours flat. Utterly heart-warming.

This song is on heavy Spotify rotation and here’s why…

So many to choose from! My fellow ‘word nerds’ will testify I’m a sucker for a good productivity playlist — whether it’s a cinematic soundtrack or Celtic folk. For something more upbeat though, it’s got to be my personal hero, Dolly Parton.

If we were to spend a day boxset binging at your house, what series would you recommend?

Either The Office (US) or Parks and Recreation. Both have the power to lift me from the bleakest of moods with impeccable comic timing and varied storylines.

I more recently completed ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ on Netflix — completely unique and very addictive.

We see you stood at the bar on a Saturday evening – what drink are you ordering?

It totally depends on where I am and what stage of the night out I’m at. For steady drinks I like a vodka, lime and soda. But my old faithful would have to be a tequila shot — best friend on the night out, mortal enemy the following morning!

How does your ideal Sunday pan out?

Sunday is my ‘big feed’ day, I like to go out for breakfast/brunch/lunch, squeeze in for a run, catch up on a few household-y chores, and top it all off with a mighty Sunday dinner.

It’s Sunday evening, how do you prepare for another week in the office?

I’ll have a shower, prepare my lunch, read for a while before catching an early night. Monday morning is always going to be a struggle, so I like to at least face it armed with a decent night’s sleep.