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Away day takeaways: our top five work/life hacks

We make no secret of our continued investment in professional and personal development here at Scriba towers. That’s because our founder, Katie Mallinson, has ploughed 14% of our profits back into boosting the team’s wellbeing, progression, and empowerment since day one.

So, once per quarter, the Scriba collective sets an ‘out of office’ and spends our nine-to-five focusing solely on our growth – as a team and individually. While we were unable to spend our away day, well, ‘away’, it didn’t stop us cramming loads into a packed schedule.

From learning how best to shoot video content on our mobiles with Manto Films, right through to tips on managing our personal finances (and plan for retirement) courtesy of Louise Woollard Financial, we also enjoyed some peer-to-peer sessions which looked at media relations, digital solutions, and scheduling to stress less.

Although you’d have to be a member of the Scriba PR team to gain access to all the juicy tips and tricks we acquired, one of our sessions involved a 60-second stand-up where colleagues shared some of our ‘work/life hacks’ – and these are simply too good to keep to ourselves! Here are our top five…

Freedom of Information Requests (FOI)

Our clients will know all-too-well our collective love of data. When it comes to writing a piece of content that will knock the socks off your intended audience, backing up what you’re saying with some solid statistics can make or break how it lands.

And, when you need a real ‘hook’ or a gritty angle, an FOI can really do the trick! Newly-promoted senior account manager, Hayley Paterson showed us the ropes.

Jacob Hill founder Offploy 300x200 Away day takeaways: our top five work/life hacks

How to take a headshot

We know what you’re going to say. ‘It’s impossible to take a decent headshot when I’m working from my kitchen table and have last night’s washing up stacked up in the background’. We feel your pain, but it is fairly simple to get a professional-looking pic in your own home as Scriba’s Jenny Gibson explains.

Get dressed and find a plain wall (or even your exterior brickwork), stand slightly in front of it, angle your body away from the camera and turn your head to face the person taking the picture. Magic.

The emoji keyboard shortcut

Possibly one of our favourite takeaways from the whole day, was account manager Amy Lloyds’s ‘Windows key + .’ shortcut for bringing up our computer’s emoji keyboard. We always wonder how she manages to reply to our emails so quickly, and with such an array of emojis… Now we know, there’ll be no stopping us! 💡⌨

Scriba bookshelf 225x300 Away day takeaways: our top five work/life hacks

Our office library

What word nerd HQ would be complete without its very own library? While the Scriba book club has been running for as long as we can remember, we’ve cleared our office bookshelves (previously home to our company stationery) and started to populate it with some of our favourite reads. See anything you fancy?

Happy Scribe…

Last but by no means least, we promise we aren’t including this tool because it sounds like, well, us! We’ve often sent technical product videos by our clients – and asked to transcribe the content for various pieces of downloadable hero content. We love the potential efficiencies that might come from this funky new tool!

By Ruth.