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Are you left or right brained?

Do you know whether you’re right or left brained? ‘Right-brained’ people tend to have higher creativity and work in roles where they’re free to express themselves through writing, drawing and ‘blue-sky’ thinking. Left-brainers on the other hand usually excel in logical thinking, and are therefore suited to more disciplined careers, such as maths and science.

So, take part in our quiz to find out which side of your brain is most dominant.

Below are some statements in blue and red – tick off all that apply to you:

  1. You keep a to-do list to stay super organised
  2. You work best in quiet environments
  3. You’re amazing at remembering people’s names
  4. You believe there is a right and a wrong way to do things
  5. You always read the instructions before assembling something
  6. You love to keep your home clean and tidy
  7. You’re annoyingly good at catching people’s typos
  8. You don’t understand how people are always late to things, because you’re never ever late
  9. If your friend has a birthday coming up they don’t need to worry because you’re great at planning parties and events
  10. You hate not being able to fully understand something
  11. Before you take a side on an issue you gather all of the facts
  12. You’re good at maths
  13. Making mistakes isn’t an option for you, and if you somehow do, you never do it again
  14. You check to make sure something is perfect before you buy it
  15. Being spontaneous scares you.
  1. Your desk is usually messy
  2. You always know someone by their face but rarely their name
  3. You could sit and daydream all day long
  4. When you talk you use a lot of hand gestures
  5. You love being creative
  6. Spontaneous is your middle name
  7. You’re a risk taker
  8. You can be a very emotional person
  9. Procrastinating is your best friend
  10. You can’t take notes without doodling on the page
  11. You’re usually late
  12. If you’re not sure what to do, you go with your gut feeling
  13. You’re not afraid of what people think of you
  14. You’d love to follow a career as a poet, artist or dancer
  15. Having music playing helps you to concentrate.

 Now, add up how many you ticked in each colour.

If you have marked more blue statements than red, then you have a dominant left-side of your brain which works more on logic! If you’ve ticked more red statements, then you have a right-sided brain which is more creative!

Or, if you have a balance of the two, then you’re lucky – it means you have a mixture of creative and logical thinking! And, we’re currently recruiting for a PR account manager role, which requires this blend of traits. So, if you’re looking for your next challenge, then get in touch.

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