Nicki Hickman - Scriba PR - B2B communications account manger

And one more makes it twelve…    

I think it’s safe to say that none of us predicted just how unpredictable 2020 would turn out to be!

If someone had told me back in January that by the end of the year I would have successfully juggled working through a pandemic whilst homeschooling my two boys for six months – and managing to maintain some level of sanity – to then start a new role under lockdown restrictions, I think I would have laughed nervously… and walked away very quickly.

And yet, here we are!

The one thing that 2020 has taught us all, is to expect the unexpected. And my word of the year would have to be ‘resilience’.

I’m a planner – a borderline control-freak, some might say – so this new ‘roll with it’ approach that has been forced upon us has certainly thrown me a curveball. With our new world evolving faster than ever before, change is something that we all need to embrace.

Having spent the last decade working as a comms freelancer – predominantly in the world of motorsport – this year really made me re-evaluate the quality of my working life and environment. Having seen my close friend, and ex-colleague, Ruth Harrison-Davies move over to Scriba two years ago and watch how she glows with pride when talking about the team and company, I was really drawn to find out more.

It’s a strange time to be making the leap from being a one-woman PR, marketing, social media manager and business owner to joining an agency, but it’s an opportunity that I am relishing. Although I have spent the last 10 years mainly operating within the motorsport industry, my role has seen me work with many blue-chip companies and household brands during that time.

In addition, I have worked within large B2B commercial and marketing departments, and I feel that these experiences and skillsets will help me to have a clear understanding of the needs of Scriba’s clients and the challenges they face.

Despite the current lockdown restrictions meaning that I’m yet to meet my new colleagues – or even visit Scriba HQ – I have received such a warm welcome from the team.

One of the biggest pulls for me wanting to work for Katie Mallinson [Scriba’s managing director] was her focus on people, and the effort she puts into creating a supportive and positive environment. Happy people deliver the best work, of that there is no doubt. The work ethic, true team spirit, and drive are clear for all to see, and there’s a real buzz about the place. Quite something, considering we’re all working remotely at the moment!

I’m currently neck-deep in researching my new clients. Getting to grips with their respective markets and learning as much as I can about their audience and industries.

I’m genuinely excited about joining the Scriba PR team ‘properly’ and looking forward to being able to start work on some features and killer content very soon!

By Nicki