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Am I an Entrepreneur?

At the beginning of March, the Scriba team visited Huddersfield University to see Katie deliver a guest lecture on what it means to be an entrepreneur.

Being a past student, having graduated with a degree in Business Management, Katie enjoys being able to give back, returning frequently to share her story and give advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

The label of ‘entrepreneur’ is often one associated with a certain type of business person, and a large focus of Katie’s lecture was dispelling the myths surrounding who can adopt this term.

Senior lecturer in management, Dr Alex Kevill, introduced Katie as the guest speaker, and spent some time listing her extensive achievements to date!

Katie began by talking about a workshop she had previously given to sixth form students to explore what entrepreneurship is. As well as delving into the typical attributes of an entrepreneur, the students were encouraged to question existing stereotypes that have arisen from the high-profile successes of such figures as Richard Branson and Alan Sugar.

Dispelling misconceptions was a large focus of Katie’s lecture, and she was intent on showing that an entrepreneur can be anyone who loves what they do. She further emphasised this by showing a few videos of founders explaining how they started their own business, before telling her own story.

Giving an overview of her background and career to date, Katie explained how she channelled her experiences and skills into building a successful PR consultancy from the ground up. Stressing the importance of belief, Katie explained how the simple flip of a coin was the push she needed to make her business dreams happen.

Alongside drive and dedication, Katie stressed the importance of maximising every opportunity, building contacts and not being afraid to ask for help. She explored the importance of continually learning, innovating and being able to think on your feet, and gave further practical advice on planning, funding and the schemes available to help young people start up on their own.

The students responded positively to Katie’s talk, asking questions at the end about the biggest challenges she had faced in setting up her own business, the most important skills for someone wanting to become an entrepreneur and how to deal with unexpected obstacles.

Her concluding advice to the students was to believe in themselves and to start today. It’s never too early or too late to build a business out of what you love doing, and Katie’s story is a testament to that.

We’re certainly looking forward to seeing what the next few years hold for these bright young things!

By Hannah