Scriba's call to arms to stop panic buying

A call to arms to #StopPanicBuying

Today, Labour called for advertising and PR industries to step up and fight panic-buying.

Shadow ministers accused the government of failing to act fast enough to stop supermarket shelves being stripped bare – leaving health workers unable to buy supplies – and said it was time for advertising professionals to step up to help persuade people to observe social distancing rules.

The party said it was issuing a pitch to all agencies to divert their efforts to drawing up campaigns free of charge to get the message across that people should stay at home as much as possible, shop sensibly and keep at a safe distance from others when leaving the house.

So that’s exactly what we’re doing. Scriba PR has joined forces with One Minute Briefs to create this brief to produce a savvy poster in order to spread the word and #StopPanicBuying!

As a juicy incentive, Scriba PR is offering one of these these exciting prizes for the winning entry:

  • A secluded night away here (once all this blows over!)
  • Donation of time from OMB & Scriba to your chosen charity
  • A bespoke Neon Sign created just for you from

Remember to tweet your entries to @Scriba_PR and @OneMinuteBriefs with the hashtag #StopPanicBuying

Please also include the hashtags #covid19advert and #dontshoptillyoudrop


Shadow environment secretary Luke Pollard said: “Panic buying is causing real harm to vulnerable groups and creating anxiety amongst all. We need people to shop sensibly and that is why Labour has been calling for a new national advertising campaign from the government.

“Ministers have not reacted fast enough or far enough, and that is why Labour is calling for a mobilisation of advertising and PR agencies to create new TV adverts, newspaper, digital and billboard advertising to take on panic-buying.

“Those who specialise in persuading us to buy products now have the opportunity to save lives with their work. Please step up and help. We need people to do the right thing at this time of national crisis: shop sensibly, stay at home and slow the spread of the virus.”

And shadow culture secretary Tracy Brabin added: “Britain has the very finest creative sector in the world. Many people in the creative arts and digital sectors want to help and put their skills to use.

“We need you now. While our frontline staff help those with Covid-19, we need Britain’s creatives to help the national effort and discourage panic-buying and encourage people to stay at home.”

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