Alice joins the Scriba PR team

A brand-new recruit for Scriba PR

While there’s no escaping the barrage of challenges the UK health and economic climate is facing at present, we didn’t think it would be right to let the appointment of a new team member slip under the radar.

We’re working incredibly hard to maintain ‘business as usual’ at HQ, and we’re delighted to have a new face at Scriba towers to help the team – and our clients – navigate these tricky times. Full of enthusiasm and eager to learn, Alice Kelly has joined the team as a PR executive, so we thought it was only fitting to let her introduce herself…

Starting a new job is always nervy territory – a different office, new workmates and an unfamiliar set of clients to get to know. Last Monday, with a belly full of butterflies, I took my first step through Scriba’s doors – but I needn’t have been so worried!

I was immediately met with a room full of friendly faces, cheery smiles and a chorus of hellos. As my nerves melted away, I got the sense that I would fit in just fine here.

I started out my career as a content and account executive for a Huddersfield-based marketing agency, creating original copy for various advertising campaigns. The role gave me a great start in the world of marketing and PR and, keen to develop within the industry, I found myself yearning to take my next step – so here I am!

I was made aware of Scriba’s reputation some time ago, and since that first initial Google search, the driven and captivating PR agency has been firmly on my radar. After a chance email conversation with operations manager Louise, the opportunity to join the team knocked at my door – and I couldn’t let it slip away!

So far, I have been busy getting up to speed on several of Scriba’s clients, liaising with various local and regional publications about feature opportunities, sitting in on my first client meeting and preparing a series of blogs.

I’m now into my second week at Scriba and I’m already feeling pumped. It’s so exciting to see the opportunities the firm can unlock for me, and the incomparable industry knowledge that I will syphon from each member of the team.

I couldn’t be happier about joining such a friendly, enthusiastic and driven group, and I’m confident that once I find my feet, I’ll be a great asset to Scriba!