12 days of Scriba(mas): What is at the top of your Christmas list?

12 days of Scriba(mas): What is at the top of your Christmas list?

Scriba HQ is well known for getting into the Christmas spirit, but since the team has grown quite a bit over the past 18 months, we thought we’d find out a little more about what makes the festive season special for them.

Today, we’ve asked each colleague: “What is at the top of your Christmas list?”

New homeowners Paige Catton and Amy Lloyd went with treats for their projects and a log burner or a – very specific – brushed cotton, sheep-themed cosy bedding set respectively. While Luci Ownsworth is after some cosy PJs.

Hayley Paterson and Bev Mallinson meanwhile, were all about feeling the love, with Hayley simply wanting to make sure her son ‘has an absolute blast surrounded by his nearest and dearest,’ while Bev added: “As corny as this may sound, to be surrounded by family, seeing them relaxed and having fun is the best gift of all. They lead such busy lives and we don’t get together as much as we would like, so having them all in one place is fabulous.”

Not one to shy away from a hint, Katie Mallinson said: “Apart from an engagement ring? (don’t worry Steve, I’ve accepted the fact it’s never going to happen!). I genuinely love (giving and receiving) presents, and also really like surprises, so I’m not one for making lists. If there’s something leopard print, stationery related, pretty or ‘to do’, you’re onto a winner with me!”

Ruth Harrison-Davies is also angling for a gift she’s never going to receive – a dog. She said: “Don’t worry, I know they’re not just for Christmas. I’ve been asking my husband if we can have one for about three years now, and the answer remains a firm ‘no’”.

Eleanor Cropper wishes for ‘mine and my family’s health’ while Louise Jaggar is after three things: jewellery, Ugg boots, and happy kids!

Sensible Scriba mum Jenny brought this discussion to an abrupt end, added: “Nothing. I can never think of anything I want when people ask me. I like presents that you can use up – food, shampoo, etc – we have enough stuff in the house! I also love anything that the kids have drawn or made.” – We’ll make sure to pass that on to the office secret Santa.

The Scriba PR office will be closed from Friday 20 December through to Thursday 2nd January – when we’ll all come back armed with leftovers for lunch and a mountain of emails in our inbox. If you need anything (urgently) while we’re away, please give the boss lady a call on 07751 615 110 (but be warned, she may be in a food coma).