Why I’m such a demolition geek

Why I’m such a demolition geek

I know what you’re thinking – geek, me? Never!


I’m not just a self-confessed word nerd (and fiercely proud of it) but I’m also pretty vocal about how much I love the industries we provide PR support to.

There’s recycling and waste management, for example. So many friends of Scriba sit puzzled when we get as excited as we do about materials other people would simply class as… rubbish! But we know that these same materials are valuable resources that, if retained, can fuel a circular economy in the UK and further afield. We therefore don’t just talk about waste and recycling because we have to. We are genuinely interested and excited by this complex world, especially because so many people simply don’t ‘get it’. We’ve almost adopted it as a mini mission of our own, to get others enthused about the environmental sector – and not just because it’s a communications objective that will keep our clients happy.

There’s also tech – who couldn’t get excited by that? Continued innovations are being brought to market that are not only solving problems we didn’t think possible – they’re even solving problems people didn’t know they had! We love getting to grips with such innovations, explaining how they work and the benefits they can bring to businesses. From HR software to marketing tech, and cloud solutions to cutting-edge print displays, tech is one of the biggest topics within our client base.

There’s manufacturing, electrical engineering, property management, maintenance and motoring too. Hopefully I’m painting a picture here… we genuinely get excited about pretty much everything that isn’t your mainstream PR brief.

So why the particular love for demolition?

It could be because it’s one of the sectors I first worked in when I was a ‘PR virgin’. Far from a profession tasked simply to ‘knock buildings down’, I soon learned the degree of engineering precision required to safely and efficiently raze structures to the ground. There’s an environmental agenda too, to ensure as many useful materials as possible are salvaged for reuse, or even complete re-erection in some cases of careful dismantling. And with many reuse scenarios come commercial advantages that even plant owners don’t know they can glean.

Whilst demolition was new to me when I first ventured into PR over 11 years ago, I soon realised I wasn’t the only one to underestimate just how scientific the sector is. It remains a common misconception to this present day. It is perhaps this lack of true insight into the ‘world of demo’ that gave me such a passion for telling the real side of the story. I loved talking about the intelligent machinery and unrivalled individual acumen that is required to excel in this complex field.

The evolution of my career path saw me move away from the demolition sector for a little while, although I maintained contact with many journalists I’d grown to know and respect whilst working in the space. But as 2016 drew to a close and I completed my business planning for 2017, I decided to do something about my ‘absence’ from the demolition arena.

By Katie