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Where do you find a great PR professional?

As Scriba has recently been recruiting, it’s a question we’ve asked ourselves a lot lately. Where do we find the best PR talent and how can we get that perfect person on board? We’ve certainly been looking in the right places, and will have some exciting news soon. Watch this space!

However, the purpose of this blog is to actually put a different slant on this question.

Let me explain a little bit more.

I read an article recently which talked about the ever-increasing uplift in the number of employees who are requesting flexible working. Sometimes it’s because the ‘ordinary’ 9-5 doesn’t suit their personal circumstances. In other instances, it’s because they think that a day or two at home would represent a better use of their time, especially when pressured by tight deadlines, complex projects or horrendous rush-hour journeys.

New research has found another reason too – according to a survey by FlexJobs, 93% of professionals said their preferred workspace is anywhere but the office!

Now, at Scriba, that notion is something I’ve worked hard to prevent. A tremendous amount of thought has gone into the surroundings provided for staff, from the vibrant décor to the availability of breakout space.

But, that doesn’t mean I frown upon flexible working requests.

Whether the request is to suit family commitments or simply a personal preference that day, I understand the benefits that flexible working can bring.

Of course, for some businesses, flexible working can be ‘risky’, if the employee is actually going to put their feet up and indulge in a box-set binge with a packet of biscuits, for example. But it comes down to trust. And, as an article on highlighted earlier this month: “Giving employees the space and time to maintain a healthy work-life balance keeps people from feeling micromanaged.”

I’d even go so far as to say that sometimes, a change of scenery can work wonders, especially for the creative mind. For some people, this is taking a laptop to a buzzing café or an inspiring gallery. For others, it’s sneaking off to a secret hideaway with no signal or interruption.  And there are those of course, that would simply rather avoid a time-wasting commute in favour of an early start at the kitchen table.

Is remote working always ideal? No, however amazing modern technology is, a team sometimes benefits from coming together to collaborate. Often you can’t beat the sense of camaraderie by sitting, physically, among your colleagues. And, unfortunately, not all individuals have the traits to thrive under their own steam. But does it have a place within a modern workforce? Yes, if carefully managed.

It helps foster feelings of empowerment. It offers mental freedom and flexibility that can lift productivity. It boosts morale. It, quite simply, can sometimes make life…simpler. It inevitably aids staff retention too. Business owners in our industry have certainly been encouraged to embrace it.

I understand why apprehension can arise. Do I know exactly what my colleagues are doing if they choose to work from somewhere other than the desk directly opposite me? No. But if I can put my trust and faith in them, every day, to work on client accounts, deliver a great service and uphold the reputation for which Scriba has become renowned, why wouldn’t I have confidence in them when they’re not at our HQ?

So, to revert to the original question, where do you find a great PR professional? Perhaps the answer is, wherever you allow some promising talent to thrive.

The article I referenced above is really worth a read: Enjoy!

By Katie