The new girl at Scriba PR

The new girl at Scriba PR

A job is merely a job, but a career is a something completely different – and finding one that you are passionate about can be very challenging.

With years of marketing experience and account management under my belt, I began to question where I was heading in my own career.

After working for companies ranging from metal fabrication to accounting, I realised that I could adapt pretty well to fulfil the needs of the diverse organisations out there. I love the process of getting to know a client, understanding their business, and working closely with them to help them grow and achieve great results.

So, one Saturday evening I was having a mooch on LinkedIn to see what else was out there for me, when Katie’s name popped up. Of course, curiosity got the better of me so I had a good old gander at her personal profile, and then into Scriba PR.

And I couldn’t help but notice how much Scriba seemed to differ from any other PR company I’d ever come across.

They had this edge about them. They had passion, and their work ethic shone through each individual team member. It wasn’t just about how friendly they appeared either, it was their ability to work with such a varied clientele. After visiting the Press Room on their website, I began to realise how diverse their clients are, and just how good the team are at what they do.

A few weeks passed, and I saw a post from Katie saying they were looking for a new Account Manager. If there was ever a moment I’ve felt like something was meant to be, this was it. After reading the job description, I knew I had the skills they were looking for, and had to apply. So, I tweaked my CV, wrote a smashing cover email and clicked send.

Following a week of nail-biting suspense, I was invited over to meet Katie and Louise and a couple of days later I was offered the role!

Now I’ve been at Scriba for almost a week, and have been made to feel like I’ve always been here. I have attended client meetings, sat in on calls, and spent time researching the different accounts I will be working on.

We’ve also been to visit the beautiful new office we’ll be moving into soon, and I’m really looking forward to being a part of this next exciting chapter in the Scriba story.

By Tanya