Our highlights of 2016 - Scriba PR, PR consultancy

Our highlights of 2016

December is an important time for reflection – twelve months flies by so quickly that it’s easy to forget what’s happened during the course of a year. So, we’ve put together each of our highlights of 2016 so that we can look back in a few years and remember what a whopper it was!

Katie Mallinson

It’s too hard for me to pick one highlight – I have so many! But, I think for me there’s been three main events that have stood out.

Firstly, our third ‘team mate’ Amy Byram joined us at the start of the year as a PR assistant, and has now cemented her role as an account manager. This means that I can focus more on growing the business, winning more clients and taking on more staff – although I’ll never be a ‘hands off’ boss!

Then, in June we all took a trip to London for the finals of the CIPR Excellence Awards, where I was up for the national honour of ‘Young Communicator of the Year’. Although I didn’t win, it was a real highlight to celebrate our successes as a team and be recognised nationally as a PR specialist – a career I’ve loved for more than ten years!

And, it’s important for us to ‘give back’, so topping £6,000 for Thrombosis UK was another great achievement. We held our annual event for the charity in October, named ‘Drink & Think’ – an evening of beer, bubbles, beef and brain-bending! We were even presented with a ‘Corporate Supporter’ award in London for our efforts over the past three years.

Louise Jaggar

2016 has been an excellent year for Scriba as we’ve grown our client base by more than 50%. And, although all of our clients are valued, securing Leach as a client has been a highlight for me!

It’s a 125-year-old, family-run business that continues to innovate, even when it was faced with two world wars! In fact, in 1895 Leach became the first company to offer life-size enlargements printed in one piece.

So, they have a wealth of interesting stories to tell and that makes them a great client to work with. We’ve also landed lots of national and regional coverage for them, including an in-depth article in Print Week, which was featured as the lead story on that website!

I’ve also enjoyed taking on The Bigger Boat as a client. Previously they were one of our digital marketing partners, helping us with many of our client accounts, but more recently we’ve become their chosen PR firm too. And, they enjoy a laugh, so we’ve been on a few socials with them aswell!

Another achievement for the team has been mentoring the work experience students who’ve worked with us throughout the year. They’ve all been exemplary, so it’s great to see that as a nation we have a lot of talent in the pipeline!

Plus, on a more personal level, I was recently promoted from PR assistant to operations manager – something that I’m really proud to have achieved.

Amy Byram

I’ve loved (almost!) every second of working at Scriba this year – so it’s really hard to choose a couple of highlights. But I have to say that getting our new office proved to play a big part in my personal development. It’s given us more room for breathing space, which allows us to be more creative and means that clients can now come to our HQ, rather than us travelling here there and everywhere! (Although we still do a lot of that).

I don’t think you’re supposed to choose a favourite client, but for me I’ve enjoyed seeing our client The G3 Group go from strength-to-strength this year. And, it was a brilliant feeling when we got the news that we’d won our newest client Access North, so I’m looking forward to starting with them in January.

Plus, we’re all in agreement that our Christmas do last week was probably the best day we’ve had together as team, celebrating our successes and well and truly letting our hair down!

So, as we look forward to the New Year, we’ve set ourselves a resolution for 2017 – to remember, even through the stressful times, that life is for living and having fun!