My Scriba experience: Chloe Flatt

My Scriba experience: Chloe Flatt

I’m not sure if it is just me but studying Geography, a degree without a clear career path, means that I am constantly being asked what I will be doing past graduation – because “surely you can only become a teacher with a Geography degree!”

As I geared myself up for my fourth and final year at the University of Leeds, it suddenly dawned on me that I still had not had that epiphany in which I realised which direction my life was heading. I knew full well that I wasn’t a suitable candidate for a teaching role. But would this mean I would be left on the shelf without any career options because I didn’t choose a course that set me up with an obvious job outcome?

So I started to think about what skills I already possessed and whether these skills could help me to find a job. Growing up I had always enjoyed writing – as a child you would find me reading, writing stories and dreaming of one day becoming a famous author. After a short consideration of heading down a journalistic path during my teens, I decided that the industry probably would not be right for me. I had never even considered a role in a PR position before and to be quite honest I wasn’t even fully aware of what a career in PR would entail.

I was put in contact with Katie by a family member who suggested I should give PR a try.  At the beginning of the week, as with any job, I felt anxious about what kind of tasks I would be set and whether I still had the ability to write at all! However my worries were quickly brushed away by Katie and the team’s warm introduction – from the very first day I felt like a fully integrated member of the group.

My work placement at Scriba has been an invaluable experience, I have learnt so much and been assigned so many interesting and fulfilling tasks. From day one I have been involved with carrying out research assignments for different clients, writing blog entries, attending meetings, helping with setting up an event and much more. I really feel that I have been treated as an equal with the tasks I have been set. Katie, Louise and Amy have spoken to me as if I actually worked for the company as opposed to being a student on a week-long work experience.

A definite highlight of my week was having a blog I wrote on my first day being accepted and published by a client.

The Scriba office is a great place to work, there’s always so much going on, meaning there is never a dull moment! Katie, Louise and Amy are supportive and understanding, no question is too big or small and they have provided me with all of the guidance I have needed. Not only this but their passion for their work is inspiring – they clearly love what they do and therefore are great at their jobs.

My week at Scriba has definitely reminded me of my love for writing and has even confirmed that I would perhaps like to enter a career within PR or marketing once I have graduated. This experience has only reinforced my knowledge that the degree that you choose does not predict your career. Your degree and ultimately your University experience is so much more than the job that follows, it is part of building your skills and making you in to an individual that has the ability to follow the path that suits you best.

By Chloe
University of Leeds